Dreamy Animal Tattoos from Storybook  

Are you looking for a tattoo parlor that can bring those marvelous watercolor-esque drawing of animals etched to your skin? If it’s true, there is a place in Warsaw, Poland called Caffeine Tattoo which now is a meeting point of a bunch of gifted tattoo artists who are all set to ink your body with your wildest dreams of art you never before met. Check out some of their tatts.

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Ordinary Desserts into Delightful Mini Scenes

Matteo Stucchi is an Italian pastry chef who is based in Monza wanting to prove that you must once in a while play with your food. Stucchi is only 23-year-old but he can already create sugary-sweet treats with a twist and delectable desserts. In this case he also adds tiny toys and comical to transform his homemade baked goods into imaginative and inventive small-scale scenes. Continue reading

Faces of Indigenous People Onto the Amazon Rainforest

It seems true that all imagery such as winding waterways, exotic animals and lush green forest are conjured up by the Amazon. With its rain forest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen, and the area spreads from east to west that it looks as though it were a country, maybe with such size it would rank the ninth biggest country in the world.

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Incredible Hyperrealistic Tattoos With Depth and Definition

Arlo DiCristina is a Colorado-based hyper realistic tattoo artist who produces much of 3D surreal paintings on most of his clients’ skin. His tattoo styles refer to life-like portraits that blend into other shapes. For instance, like those of fancy flourished vegetation, the depth of an ocean or the city scapes which are filled with smokes.

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Interconnected World Captured in Watercolor Paintings

Kelogsloops is a popular name for Hieu, a brilliant watercolor painter whose capacity in using a swirl of color and texture is beyond question. This Melbourne-based creative can fuse space, some motifs of water and weightlessness, which then combine these dramatic illustrations with the cheerful fluidity of watercolor tint. As those merge together into much stunningly ethereal forms, spectacular image can now be ready for enjoyment. Just check out some Hieu’s illustrations.

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Audrey Kawasaki is Back with Stunning New Art

You maybe familiar with Audrey Kawasaki, a now 34-year-old Los Angeles-based painter who achieved her huge success at a very young age. So, most likely you have seen many of her master pieces, the delicate and twisting women that infuse her oeuvre which Kawasaki mostly painted with her hand. That’s why most of her work can instantly be recognizable, for sure. But just in case, she is new to you, check out some of her mesmerizing popular pieces. Continue reading

Ethereal Paintings of Women in Blooming Flowers

Stella Im Hultberg is an Oregon-based and self-taught artist who can create pensive portraits and surreal sculptures that explore the concept of identity so expressively. Actually Im Hultberg was born in Korea but for years she has made many audience in America dazzled with her imaginative work because she never stops experimenting with fresher ideas as well as with new materials. Check out for her most recent work. Continue reading