Henna kind of Trend Now Turns into Menna for Men

Maybe you are quite familiar with typical Mediterranean kind of female tattooing called “Henna” – a practice used to adorn bodies with decorative patterning—is often associated with women. Unlike body tattoos which etch a permanent ink into the underneath the skin, while Henna will apply on the skin and remain there only for temporarily, maybe a week or two the ink starts to fade away. Henna are famously used during weddings and applied only for brides on around their hands, feet or fingers. Continue reading


Cool Animal Sculptures Made from Wires

Ever seen animal sculptures made from wires? Both winged and four-legged creatures in Candice Bees’ hands look very much alive still with those graceful movements. So subtle and natural her creations are that she earns what many artists really want, she won the 2016 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year in the Urban Wildlife category.

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Want to Wear Fancy Wedding Dress for the Occasion?

When having to pick a wedding dress, most brides will likely to choose white for its color. But for the savvy wives-to-be, they have a bit different notion on the common color relating with the nuptial stuff. There is this vibrant alternative which Want That Wedding offers for such fancy garments where the skirts can be of bright and triumphantly hued color. Continue reading


Awesome Bookmarks that Will Glow in the Dark

For you who still enjoy reading physical books, sometimes when wanting to continue reading after having a break, but then we find it hard to find our books. It seems the book has gone in the dark. But now that Manon Richard came up with brilliant ideas as to make useful creation, there is nothing to worry about not to be able to find our books. You will easily spot your books since they are now glowing in the dark. Continue reading


Shimmering Hair Creations

Hair styles have developed into many different forms and shapes. The latest maybe using the hair as canvas to draw designs and colors from from hidden rainbow hair to shimmering mermaid locks. A hair stylist named Aliya Askarova from St. Petersburg is adding her own creation to the combination, where she will shave the back of her clients’ heads to make hidden illustrations. Continue reading


The Awe-Inspiring Subway Doodles

When you ride the subway in New York City, you could be reminded of Ben Rubin piece of art. He has a very fresh perspective with imaginative series Subway Doodle. He continues the project featuring photos of passengers on train cars in New York with a whimsical twist of large creature doodles blended into the scenes. Continue reading