a Palette Knife to Sculpt Dynamic Paintings

Actually, Koshroo first started painting only in 2009 in Iran. Because of its political atmosphere in the country, he had to spend more time in his studio. That’s why he had all his time doing anything he is best at. And eventually, his style could quickly evolve into fauvism, expressionism, and abstract art.

As a matter of fact, this choice is all the more meaningful in his home country because in there, the women have to cover up the rest of their bodies in hijabs.

In 2015, he began experimenting a painting technique with which he had to stand at all time and used a palette knife to help him strike the paints. That’s why most of Khoshroo’s figures from his 2016 Wanderer series are immense (standing several feet tall) and are composed of intricate, precise strokes.