Mental Health Awareness With New Challenge

Feeling of shame can be one of culprits which can trigger mental illness. After some time she went on debating how to excuse her hasty retreat in case co-workers inquired, it dawned on her that shame around mental illness must be combated.

“You expect people to expect you to just keep quiet about your illness and keep it to yourself like it’s some sort of taboo, and if you did speak up about it, you’ll probably be labeled as ‘overreacting’, ‘drama queen’ and think that you would lose the people you love. So you sew your mouth shut out of fear. But what you don’t realize is that the more you keep it to yourself, the more it destroys who you are, inside and outside as well.” (Image via Hammada Bamadhaj-Khan)

Due to an anxiety attack, this 27-year-old self-taught beauty blogger left her staff early for Christmas party. And somehow, such project came about after what she did. While makeup can be fun and glamorous, Gheidi shows us a different side by using products to transform her face into a mirror for what’s within.


Source : My Modern Met, Yasaman GheidiInstagram, YouTubehellogiggles