Best Italian Ceramics Artist

Paola Grizi, an Italian Sculptor, can do an excellent job as to make each face of her terracotta sculptures can have individual expression of deep emotions. Sometimes they can reflect epiphanies of consciousness.

One of a Kind; Wire Sculpture

This maybe is the one and only kind of sculptures which use wires as source materials. Clive Maddison can strand by strand create magnificently detailed wire trees only by hand.

A Very Unique Kind of Tattoo

There are actually many tattoo artists with irreplaceable creations, but this Eva Krbdk is really unique. This tattoo artist really goes against the norms as to create eye-catching kinds of tattoos by combining body art and craft like x-shape stiches for her distinctive design.

Coolest Cartoon Lip Art Ever

After her playful lip art was shared for the first time, Laura Jenkinson didn’t stop her creativity. She then expanded her work to become even more sophisticated by transforming her own lips into those cute cartoon characters.

Impresionism Painting Today

In the latter half of the 19th century, an inventive group of artist in Paris broke away from the earlier traditions and painted outdoors,   a la prima seeing ways to interpret the quality of sunlight through color, and express the mood and impact of the countryside and woodland around Paris. They rarely returned to their […]

Most Fearsome Beast in Modern Art

Selcuk Yilmaz a sculptor living in Istanbul specializes in sculpting most ferocious animals like lion, tiger, lynx and fox. His work of metal beasts truly displays elegance in every sculpture. Made from thin strands of hammered metal to form fearsome 3D animal shape, his sculpture is the very picture of ferocity.

Pancake Art in Cartoon Characters

Tomato Tiger, Australian father and son duo can combine their love of food as well as art. They use food coloring, water and basic pancake mix to make delicious colorful pancakes in style of Homer Simpson, Angry Bird, Frozen’s Olaf or Garfield.