“Best 3D Muralist Never Went to Art School”

His name Sergio Odeith, live at Lisbon Portugal, 20 years ago he just random boys at neighborhood, spent leisure time with his friends, just looking around, bombed wall at abandoned building or ghetto, enjoyed beers and several sprays paints in tin can just for fun to kill time. He left school at the age of […]

Most Elegant Ethereal Korean Watercolor Tattoos

Only in South Korea that tattooing is an illegal practice when not done by medical doctors. The South Korean law states that only physicians can legally give someone a tattoo. But this Hongdam tattoo artist who was born in Seoul can still give you a service to etch your body with enticingly beautiful watercolor tattoos.

The Awe-Inspiring Wood Work by Craft Master Deng Daohang

Even though Deng Daohang is already 78 years old, as a true artist she is still creating world-class wood figurative sculptures. Interestingly, she only uses archaic tools like hatchet, carving knife and ruler. But looking at the smoothness of her carvings, they must have been carved with modern woodcarving equipment.

Awesome 3D Body Art Optical Illusion

My name is Lisha Simpson. As an artist of 3D illusion body art, I have always been fascinated with anything weird or usual. I love illusion style body art because it’s so out of the ordinary. I think I’m always drawn to it, by something surely strange and weird.