Hari & Deepti’s Papercut for Light Boxes

Hari & Deepti are Denver, Colorado-based creative couple artists who presented stunning hand cut paper works as part of this year’s SCOPE NY art show by Black Book Gallery. Each of them brings to the table different skill sets.  

Figurative Sculptures out of Steel Scraps

Jordi Díez Fernández is a Barcelona-based sculptor who uses steel scraps to make incredibly expressive sculptures of human. With his latest tribute to Ildefons Cerdà (above), the urban planner designing Barcelona’s expansion in the 19th-century called the Eixample, Fernández has created delicate sculptures of lovers entwined in an embrace, athletic and muscled men and also beautiful […]

Photos and Paints Into Beautiful Narratives

Aliza Razell is a 19-year-old artist who is behind these beautiful narratives in her photographs by blending splashes of color with self-portraits to create mystifying and strange images which she herself fails to explain.

Complex Illustrations out of Colorful Wires

Charis Tsevis is a Greece-based artist who gives lots of interest in the wired world we live in.  He seems to have a big concern towards how much we have complete reliance on outlets for power or for data transfer even if wireless technology has always undergone advanced development. It’s a common sight to see those countless […]

Bird Drawings by Brazilian Street Artist

Luis Seven Martins is his real name but he is much happier if we call him L7m. Martins is a Brazilian street artist who continues to produce amazing illustrations where the lines between nature and abstraction can seem to integrate well. This time L7m used his acrylics and spray paint on many canvases rather than taking them to […]

Surreal Portraits of People I Know

Jon Jacobsen is a self-taught photographer who made these surreal portraits of his friends and the people he admires. He entitled his work as People I Know where he uses visual effects, props, and costumes in order to produce this particular series.

The Simpsons’ Hilarious Oscar Selfie

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres has made history with her wellknown celebrity-filled selfie at the Oscar because it was retweeted for over 3.2 million times around the world, now Matt Groening also came up with his wider cam view version of the same selfie photo. Only that when the cam goes wider, we can see what happens to Homer. […]

Welded Flatware Animal Sculptures

Gary Hovey is an Ohio-based artist who you will find using spoons, knives, and forks differently than most of us. He would shape, cut and weld stainless steel stuffs and turn them into his intricate sculptures of animal.

Adorable Cupcakes Like Real Cactus

If you purchase this kind of cactus, there is no need for you to water it for good. It’s not a synthetic nor is it a plastic cactus. And if you need food, you can eat it, because it is not a real cactus but it is a cupcake which is made like cactus. It’s […]

Smoldering Urban Landscape; Beauty in Decay

Brian Mashburn is a brilliant painter behind these exquisite paintings of crumbling lands and damaged cities. As an artist his grade is already so high that he can make those ruined smoldering urban areas to look as beautiful as they are haunting.