Hyperrealistic Exteriors to Camouflage Food

Does the name Hikaru Cho ring a bell?  If the name doesn’t, maybe a sample of her work will. Yes, Cho is a Japanese hyperrealistic painter whose body painting’s job blows the minds of those who are watching. Actually she likes to play with perception in this series, entitled It’s Not What It Seems.

Life-Sized Origami Elephant

Sipho Mabona is a professional origami artist who has successfully created a huge, life-sized elephant only with one sheet of paper. He’s done it pretty well. Actually Mabona didn’t work alone. And it took 4 weeks for him and his team consisting over a dozen people to complete his humongous origami elephant.    

Hikaru Cho’s Fabulous Hyperrealistic Body Paintings

Hikaru Cho is a Tokyo-based hyperrealistic body painter who has created that striking body painting series called My Body My Rights. She released her stunning piece before International Woman’s Day as a part of a campaign on sexual and reproductive rights organized by the human right organization Amnesty International. In her exhibition series, Cho tries to […]

Awesome Angry Birds Sand Sculpture

It’s amazing to see a group of talented international and local Australian sculptors collaborating to bring to life story book characters like in an event of Story Land from the Penguin Books. They made the amazing work of art at the Frankston Waterfront in Victoria, Australia.

Imaginative Scenes in Monochromatic Illustrations

EmilianoP is a New Zealand-based Italian artist who is the skilled hand behind these beautifully dark and mysterious illustrations. And quite recently, he has actually quite purposeful concepts as to create figures that seem to emerge from quick ink strokes throughout a page.

Imaginary Landscapes out of Hundreds of Photos

Catherine Nelson is an Australian visual artist, known for creating otherworldly floating globes. She has started a new creative chapter in her Expedition series about surreal images of nature. It took her almost 10 months to gather hundreds of photos together in order to create five pieces in painterly landscape which undertakes into the kingdom of fantasy […]

Youth Romantic Paintings

Terry-Pauline Price is an Australian a painter whose work features a young feminine figure enjoying the great outdoors. Her romantic depictions of youth are meant to rekindle memories of the past. Price’s paintings can sufficiently demonstrate that she does an Impressionist work which can be clearly seen from her very gestural and energetic brush strokes. […]

Suda’s Amazing Hyperrealistic Paintings

Joshua Suda is a portrait painter who is behind these amazingly realistic portraits that it’s hard to believe they’re not photographs. Suda can absolutely nail everything if you pay attention to his creation on its expressiveness of the subject’s eyes as well as its texture of the skin all the way to the subtle interplay […]

Dreamy Enigmatic Young People

Jo In Hyuk is a South Korean illustrator and graphic designer who has created those beautiful portrait illustrations of young men and women. In creating such illustrations he is using muted color palettes, minimalist composition and clean lines.

Stunningly Kaleidoscopic Mosque

If you happen to be in Iran, do make an effort to visit the most stunning mosque of Nasir al-mulk Mosque. It’s so stunning that such mosque hides a gorgeous secret between the walls of its simply traditional exterior. A very special sensation can soon be felt as you step inside where you will feel […]