Naive Painting’s Victor Millan

Naïve art is any form of visual art that is created by a person who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes (in anatomy, art history, technique, perspective, ways of seeing).

Various Giant Ant Sculpture

Insect it’s an appealing models for maked a sculpture, every detailed of this creatures like a robot and nice repetition basic form. Some sculptors made this small animal being much more fun, classy, sharp, cool and real attractive.

Organic Visual Transformation’s Underwater Sculpture

Jason deCaires Taylor is a sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. Born in 1974 to an English father and Guyanese mother, Taylor graduated from the London Institute of Arts in 1998 with a BA Honours in Sculpture.(

25 Idea about Birdnest Sculpture

Every creatures in this world have theirs own teritory and comfort zone situation. Birdnest for comfotr zone symbolic it’s really common for many artist. Birdnest sculpture in various material, purpose and measure decribe much more idea about birdnest value and meaning.

Asian Youth’s Scene Drawing

How to describe your idea with drawing capability ? the simple and fastest idea came from word and improving to basic sentences as subject -predicate-object. For make it easier,  you can put one object to be a dominance subject at your composition and then you put others things for build a stories.