Adorable Cupcakes Like Real Cactus

If you purchase this kind of cactus, there is no need for you to water it for good. It’s not a synthetic nor is it a plastic cactus. And if you need food, you can eat it, because it is not a real cactus but it is a cupcake which is made like cactus. It’s Alana Jones-Mann, a Brooklyn-based self-taught baker and DIY maker who is behind this cute edible cactus.


The interesting thing is that the cactus can come as little potted plants. Such creative food art design has really impressive details that they even turn out to be really sharp to the touch.


Jones-Mann herself created a step-by-step tutorial that walks any novel baker through the process of making such lively food making.  A steady hand will be needed plus some green food coloring and lots and lots of frosting. Within just a few minutes and using a few basic cooking tools, this succulent-like cupcake will start to take shape.


Actually Jones-Mann has a lot of other fantastic ideas and creating this cactus-like cake is one of them. She got the inspiration to make this cake from a plant-based concept like a vintage gardening box which she made for her home.


In her website she said, “For me, it’s all about the details. I truly believe that personal touches can make any occasion unforgettable.”


Source: My Modern Met, Alana Jones-Mann, Website