Amazing Scar-Covering Tattoos’ Stories


Willow Tree Tattoo Covering Scars From Self-Harm

After suffering from severe anxiety and depression which resulted in self-harm, I decided to get a willow tree tattoo over my scars. I chose the willow tree because it is a well-known symbol of adaptability due to its ability to not only survive, but also thrive in some of the most challenging conditions.



The Scars Are Gone & Covered With Beautiful Work

At a point in my life (September 2015) I was suicidal, and I was sitting on my front porch just burning myself with a cigarette over and over. My mom sent me to a mental hospital which honestly didn’t help me. What helped me was coming back home. Once the scars healed, and I was okay, I decided to get a traditional rose to cover up my burns. I have to still go back and get a touch up on some parts where the scars are still slightly visible. It may not be the most beautiful tattoo, but it represents growth. I love my tattoo. It’s beautiful to me, and it’s the only tattoo my mother approves of because of its meaning.



A Gecko Over A Scar From Exploded Appendix

This tattoo covers up a very gruesome scar that I received when my appendix decided to blow up. Turns out it had been leaking toxins into my body for months; which was slowly killing me, and needed to be removed immediately or id be dead by morning. I was stuck in the hospital for a week since they had to basically give all my insides a good cleaning, which meant one ugly scar! I had to wait 3 years after the incident to get this tattoo and I’m so glad I did! Can’t even tell what happened to me.



The Symbol For Ovarian Cancer Following A Lumpectomy

On August 22, 2013, I had a mass removed from my right ovary. Three months later I got this tattoo not to cover my scar but to highlight it. I was lucky enough to have my results come back benign. My teal ribbon (a symbol for ovarian cancer) serves as a reminder for me to never forget how lucky I am. My experience made me a stronger person and shaped me into who I am today.