Amazing Scar-Covering Tattoos’ Stories


This Ethereal Profile Covering A Dog Bite

t’s covering a scar from a childhood dog bite.



Heart On Scars

When I was 10 I fell off a motorcycle and shattered my femur. They put in an external fixator to hold everything together while it healed. It left four scars on my leg. On most people they fade, but I scar badly and they still look fresh so I made them pretty. The scars themselves didn’t hold the color but I’m happy with how they came out.This picture shows the scars toward the top of my leg near my hip. The scars near my knee are more spread out and each have their own matching heart.




Leo Constellation Tattoo

After several years of dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide attempts and self harm, I got my tattoo of the Leo constellation, my zodiac sign, around my self harm scars along my thighs. There’s a quote that says, “stars are the scars of the universe,” so I view my body as the universe and my scars as the stars. The tattoo really helped me to reclaim by body and learn to love it, scars and all.



White Ink Heart Shaped Tattoo Covering The Scar

I used to cut myself when I was younger and I cut this heart into my hand. Instead of letting it fade, I decided to memorialize and got it traced in white ink. It’s a reminder to love myself.