Fairy Tale Architecture from Norway

Have you ever traveled all the way to Norway? What are the things that come to mind when talking about Norway? For some people, it’s been inseparable from Norwegian life like their Vikings, blonde people, particular architecture and majestic fjords. And for some of us, these only remind us of its fairy tales. Check out how […]

When Architects Say No to Trees Cut Down

Most of us are aware of our present environmental condition which is being depleted and much exploited which according to many studies will only lead to significant environmental impact, like global warming, soil loss, water cycle and a decline in biodiversity. But thanks to a particular spectrum, these architects have determined to use real trees to […]

Giant Wooden Megaphones by Estonian Students

If you explore deep in the woods in Estonia, there you can find this king-size wooden megaphones built by a bunch of interior architecture students. The bunch of students happens to be led by an architecture student called Birgit Õigus who is the author of the wonderful idea. Check out the way the giant megaphones […]

Giant Human Statues out of Boring Electricity Pylons

Architectures never stop developing and creating something new. You may be bored with the way buildings in your surrounding look, but with a bit of help, they can be turned into more interesting structure. Like the once-boring electricity Pylons for example, are now turned into attractive giant human statues by a couple of talented architects. […]

Balcony like Window for Small Apartments

Aldana Ferrer Garcia is an Argentinean architect who has invented an extending window meant for small apartments. This concept allows small apartment owners to be able to enjoy the sky even from their oft-cramped quarters. Check out how it looks, who knows it gives you an idea to fix in your apartment.

Hobbit Houses You Can Actually Live in

If you happen to have an idea of building tiny house like Hobbit home, a company called Green Magic Homes can help you make it happen as they have modular system offering endless possibilities of design. Just check them out.