Monet : Five Most Influential Painting

Claude Monet was a famous French painter whose work gave a name to the art movement Impressionism, which was concerned with capturing light and natural forms. ( One of the most famous painters in the history of art and a leading figure in the Impressionist movement, whose works can be seen in museums around the […]

From Rare Darkness Imagination into Hit Popular Mainstream : H.R Giger

Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger ( 5 February 1940 – 12 May 2014) was a Swiss surrealist painter, whose style was adapted for many forms of media, including record-albums, furniture and tattoo-art. The Zurich-based artist was best known for airbrush images of humans and machines linked together in a cold ‘biomechanical’ relationship. Later he abandoned airbrush work for […]

His Work Seems More Alive Today than of any Artist of His Era

Francis Picabia, one of the grandest, most mordant exemplars of early modernism, and perhaps the least familiar. One imagines that the artist was too slippery or contradictory for the museum, too much of a prankster and publicity hound. Born to wealth, he never struggled as an artist and had a reputation, partly intended, as a playboy. […]

Zen Spirit Painting from Mahaguru Srihadi Soedarsono

Widely recognized one of the most eminent representatives of Indonesian art, Srihadi Soedarsono is best known for his expressionistic interpretations of vast landscapes, glorious horizons and Javanese and Balinese dancers. In a career that spans over seven decades, he has developed his unique style characterized by the expressionistic and bold use of color. Unafraid of […]

Master Bonsai Masahiko Kimura, Sculpture for Living Object

Masahiko Kimura (木村 正彦 Kimura Masahiko, 1940-) was born in Ōmiya-ku, Saitama, Japan on March 31, 1940 and is a widely recognized bonsai master. His father died when Masahiko was 11. By the wishes of his mother, at age 15 he started spending his time as an apprentice under the bonsai master Motosuke Hamano of […]

Left School and Drop Out not Boundaries Become Big League Artist

Nyoman Masriadi studied art at the Indonesian Art Institute Yogykarta but he left before his final assignment due to a conflict with his teachers, according to The Jakarta Post. Returning to Bali in 1997, Masriadi worked for a year as a painter of souvenir portraits of mythological Balinese figures, and the experience reportedly led to the development […]