Natural Beauty of Rolling Fog Waves

Nicholas Steinberg is a San Francisco Bay-based photographer who had conducted his experiment for eight years and perfected the art of photography. Actually, Steinberg is one of many “Fogaholics” who are glued to the weather reports, just waiting for fog to roll in. As a result, he’s always ready to snapshot these misty waves at any altitude.

Madrid’s Crosswalks into Colorful Work of Art

Christo Guelov is a Bulgarian artist who finds it boring to see the usual pedestrian crossings. That’s why he came up with a better idea as to create a totally new kind of pedestrian crossing with striking color and unique geometric designs so that they are not boring at all. Check out what he did […]

Parenting Cartoons to Honor Motherhood

by: Betje By the end of this year, I have successfully conducted my motherhood for ten years. And throughout these ten years of my being a parent, I have been through a lot and I’m very proud of myself for being a loving mother.

Another Beautiful Hongdam’s Tattoo

Even if tattooing remains illegal in Korea, still more and more Korean younger generation fall for this kind of body art even if they are against the law. And there is this special tatts parlor called Hongdam which gains more interests and more clients. Check out its fabulous tattoo designs.

Cartoons that Make You Laugh

Toon Hole is really a brilliant cartoonist who is quite active in producing hilarious absurd cartoons. Even if some people think that few of his comics are a bit abstract in ideas, still they can make many people laugh by the end of the story.

Favorite Cartoons Into Monsters

Tell your kids to watch out. Now, monsters are everywhere.  Wherever they go they may come across with scary beings if our artist’s creations are spread widely. What is used to be loving and cuddly are now the most terrifying and fearsome creatures which are all set to tear your flesh and eat you up […]

Free Tattoos for Those Willing to Put Their Arms in a Hole

You want a free tattoo everyone? Come to a truck-stop delight in Williams-burg part of Brooklyn. Find Scott Campbell who is working on his project called “Whole Glory” where he made an ultimate test of trust in his work. He offers free tattoos to people as long as he can get to choose the design […]

Beautifully Painted National Gallery’s Staircases

If you happen to be in Warsaw, Poland, try visit Zacheta, its National Art Gallery which is often used for holding art exhibitions in the country. But that’s not it. You should know that the gallery has a bit unique in its appearance since its staircases are painted in rainbow of colors. Just check them […]