Indoor Rainbow in Toledo Museum

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexican artist who is behind that mesmerizing installation of Plexus 35, the colorful string explosion which is composed of embroidery threads strung to create an indoor rainbow. This installation can be viewed in the Toledo Museum of Art until January 27, 2017. If you happen to in the vicinity, please make […]

Everyday Objects Into Playful Doodles

Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker who happens to find doodling very entertaining and quite a compelling activity to kill time while waiting between his filming job. And now maybe he has created more fanciful doodles than feature films along his movie making career. So, it’s not too much to call him a doodle artist rather […]

Elegant Ceramic Vessels

Greg Payce’s is a Canadian ceramicist who created an alluring arrangement of sculptures called Alumina. It’s this wonderful scene where seven ornate vases stand queuing on a concrete platform. Maybe it would take an observant eye and you really have to read between the line in order to appreciate Payce’s mesmerizing art, especially when looking […]

Whimsical Birds and Beasts’ Illustrations

Vorja Sánchez is a Barcelona-based illustrator’s oeuvre who is quite eclectic in creating all his piece, making each typical item completely inimitable and visually appealing. That can clearly be seen from the materials he used, from the style which he employed and also from those fauna he depicted.

Rooms with Dazzling Kaleidoscopic Installation

Asae Soya is a Japanese artist who can mischievously utilize light and color to make dazzling images that can turn any space into different forms. What made Soya able to do all this is because she has all the skills she needs to set up the installation work.  Using only stark white walls, she can turn […]

Spectacular Glow-In-The-Dark Galaxy on the Ceiling

Crispin Young Wilson is a server hardware repairer who can put her side hobby to good use as she got invited to her friend’s house and informed that her friend’s son always refuses sleeping in his own room. That’s what makes Wilson think that her painting hobby can come in handy. Then she created this […]

Charming Comic of Dogs

Actually, it’s the collaboration of the two language teachers Landysh and Asia that makes the drawing-duo Lingvistov able to create their series of whimsical illustrations of dogs with their typically annoying but at the same time very endearing habits.

Surreal Animal Tattoos Like Sketchbook Drawings

Otto D’Ambra is a London-based illustrator and tattoo artist whose style is often regarded as an avant-garde mainly featuring hybrid animals mixed with drawings looking just like being taken from boardwalk Empire. Just have a quick look at his tatts to just find out how he could link his printing and tattooing.

Giant Pen & Ink Drawing for 3.5 Years

During the 2011 tsunami  and Tōhoku earthquake in Japan that set off the Fukushima nuclear disaster, it was one of the most devastating environmental events of our time, with its overall impact rippling across the globe for years to come. But just as mentioned in Newton’s third law, every time there is an action, there will be an […]

Free Beautiful Henna Crowns for Cancer Patients

If you or any of your relatives feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your new head when undergoing a hair loss after a chemotherapy, don’t just lose hope. You can still have a nice looking appearance with your new head. Go visit henna body art studio where you can have a brand new unique look […]