Disney Princesses Can be of Different Ethnicities

What do you think if your favorite Disney princess is of another race or ethnicity? The Tumblr blog of Let There Be Doodles can answer your question with incredible series Racebent Disney. Actually it is the job of a 23-year-old artist named Tomato Tiger. He uses his illustration to mix with photo manipulation, to entirely recreate the iconic Disney princesses by changing their cultural backgrounds hairstyles, skin colors and their clothing.


In these thought-provoking reinterpretations, TT is effectively using everything from nose shape to jewelry to skin tone to transform the Disney characters’ familiar faces to be able to create an amazing eye for detail.


A Latina woman wearing a festive dress is turned into Snow White. A Hindu woman with a bindi and henna tattoos becomes Red-headed Ariel. In this princess’s metamorphosis into an African tribeswoman, even Rajah the tiger Jasmine’s pet, a lion gets a makeover to become Rajah.


TT says that, “I’m not necessarily trying to alter an entire story. I’m just working with character design. I create racebent characters simply for fun and because I’d love to see more diversity in our media.”