Hotel in Bethlehem within Site of Separation Barrier

As with Dismaland, Banksy is also involving other artists in the project, with Palestinian artist Sami Musa and Canadian artist Dominique Petrin each designing rooms. Open from March 20, 2017, the hotel includes 8 guest rooms, 1 budget barracks, and a presidential suite.

Rooms start from $30 for a bunk bed in the budget room, while common areas will be open to the public from 11 am to 7:30 pm (10 pm for the piano bar). Get booking now, as reservations are sure to go quickly when the system goes online March 11, 2017.

Visitors to the Walled Off Hotel will sleep in art laden rooms because “as Diane Arbus once said ‘to live with an artwork is something different, to glimpse it from the corner of your eye.’” The hotel also includes a piano bar, exhibition space, and area dedicated to the history of the wall.

At the time of writing, there are no special events being planned to mark the occasion.”