Line Tattoos Inspired by Surreal Artists as Picasso

At first glance, each tiny tattoo may look like an understated illustration. But as we give closer look, anyone cannot help but be enchanted by the imaginative iconography and optically perplexing figures. Eventually, we can enjoy those dreamy design tattoos inspired by modern art.

In combining attributes from Cocteau’s line drawings, Arp’s use of organic shapes and Picasso’s inked portraits, Watson’s creations are both entirely original and familiar. Most of the time, she works in a minimalist style, using only thin lines and black ink as her medium.

The truth is that Watson does not merely design tattoos and ink them to her client’s skins but she also materializes some of her artistic work as jewelry. If they are not about tattoo jobs, she would put them on display and sell them in her shop, Lazy Does It.

Source : My Modern Met, Daisy WatsonWebsite, Instagram, TumblrDesign Taxi