Modernized Classic Works of Art

Auto-mechanics’ Anatomy Lesson

For his Renaissance Series, photographer Freddy Fabris captured a group of mechanics’ dramatic yet comical reenactments of master paintings. In each photo, the men creatively mimic the poses and facial expressions of painted figures from pieces like Leonardo’s Last Supper, Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, and Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson, above. They even replace props from the paintings with tools from their garage to give the pieces a fully modern feel.

Cut-up Classical Sculpture

Brooklyn-based artist Nick van Woert‘s Dissect is a traditional work with a twist. The female figure has been horizontally incised, resulting in fourteen rotatable layers. Additionally, although the sectioned sculpture may look like it’s made out marble, it is actually composed of urethane and garbage!

Adam and Eve on the Streets

To French street artist Zilda, nothing is more important than connecting with one’s surroundings. “It is essential to know the social and architectural stratification of a city,” she explains. “To get familiar with its streets, its quarters, and to view that urban setting as a constraint that stimulates the staging of my ideas.” To engage with her environment, she paints and pastes classical art-inspired images—like the above depiction of the expulsion of Adam and Eve— throughout cities across France and Italy.

The Modern Art Connoisseur

Like many of the famed illustrator’s magazine covers, Norman Rockwell’s The Connoisseur has become a beloved work of art in its own right. Now, thanks to Tumblr, the iconic piece been given the 21st Century treatment; it has been magically transformed into a quirky collection of animated GIFS.

Source : My Modern Met,