Creepy Human-Skin Helmets

Can you imagine that human skins are actually natural helmets? There is this Jyo John Mullor who is a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience to design such helmet out of human skulls. This Dubai-based artist has created several concept images that illustrate what a shaved human head would look like if printed on a helmet. Just check out for yourself what human helmets should look like.

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Mind-Bending Pics by Erik Johansson

Maybe it’s hard to find someone like this Photoshop master Erik Johannsson who creates optical illusions and photo manipulations. If you would like to see him working on his work, you can check out his videos.  In these awesome behind-the-scenes videos, however, we get to see how he actually creates some of his artwork.

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Majestic Tribute to Cecil the Lion

Are you familiar with Cecil everyone? He is the famous lion from Zimbabwe who was recently killed by a dentist as a trophy. And it is this Aaron Blaise, a former Disney animator who has worked on classic characters from Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Mulan and other Disney classics. It’s Blaise who has created a beautiful and touching work of art to pay tribute to Cecil.

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Animal Hybrids in Photoshop

Animal or other creatures can be mashed up nicely and for sure makes fascinating animal hybrid that many will find it not only exotic but also enchanting. That’s true that hybrid creatures that look so strange have always fascinated some society. Say, from the Egyptian griffon to the Persian Manticore, they seem to always make this blend of human and animal become the highest art. Continue reading

Mirror for Epic Shot

If you are a regular visitor of Bored Panda, you certainly will have no doubt how amazing this talented artist Erik Johansson with all his surrealist images. But just in case you are new and you haven’t yet been acquainted with this master of manipulation, just take a look below to see what makes this photographer and digital artist so special. Continue reading

Black Women Proud of Their African Heritage

Just recently Afro women can and should be proud of their look since they can make real enchanting beauty that only beautiful people can brag about. It is this Pierre Jean-Louis, a visual artist from US who can create these mesmerizing portraits of black women by transforming their hair into flowery galaxies. Check these out.

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