Paint Induced Photograph

Nowadays, Ozeri is known as the New Yorker based painter, painting large-scale cinematics portrait of young women in landscapes, oil on canvas. Bath in nature, he begins his artwork with a photo sessions with a girl, that later he would carefully reproduced the bodies of photograph in such vivid details, strands by strands of hair, layers of lights and shadows, projecting the beautiful emotions in an oil on canvas kind of way.

Untitled, Zuzanna 02, 2016
Untitled, Lizzie in the Snow 05, 2016
Olya Untitled, 2017

Even though Ozeri works categorized in photorealism genre, he feels uncomfortable to be labeled as a photorealist artist. On an interview, Ozeri stated that he prefers to see himself as a figurative artist rather than labels himself as a photorealist artist. Diving into his online gallery, one would be easily to mislead and see his work as photograph instead of painting. In a sense, the title Master is surely befitted Ozeri. Which leads him into his greatest achievement up to date; his works have a significant part in its contemporary evolution. Which was featured on the cover of Louis Meisel’s Photorealism in the Digital Age, a historical book that published by the prestigious art publisher Abrams.

Source: My Modern Met, Yigal Ozeri