Simon Strauss’s Mesmerizing Kirigami


When unplugged, KIRUMA can be used as a decorative by itself, as a tabletop centerpiece, as a wall decoration, but KIRUMA’s main application is when the lights are on, providing nice cozy and warm ambient light, which can help to spark inspiring atmosphere in any room it’s in.

The castle in the sky is a subject that I’m personally interested in, probably due to the cartoons and movies I watched during my younger days, and seems to align with the whole idea of KIRUMA as something that’s supposed to inspire and bring “magical, dreamy, fantasy” world to the viewers.

I’m a multimedia designer by day, and laser cut artist by night. My passion has always been in arts and crafts, and laser cutting happens to be my current choice of tools, as it has the versatility to create something unique, a one of a kind creation, as well as something that are produced in massive quantity.

Help me turn this product into a reality so I can share it with the world by backing my Kickstarter project below.

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