Sprawling Nature-Inspired Mural in a Sharpie

Sean Sullivan is a California-based artist who can finish Grand Pale Maw, an expansive drawing that covered the wall of a hallway in the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery. It took him seven long months in order to complete the project.


Sullivan started drawing the image of a fallen oak tree in his mind, but as his imagination quickly took off from there, he painstakingly drew bushy leaves, knots and fissures, a massive whale, fallen branches, wild grass and plants, and even bunches of rotting wood. To complete it , he is using just a black marker.  3-sprawling-nature-inspired-02

When you look closely to his piece, it will clearly shows that the amount of detail in the mural is very breathtaking, as each reveals another aspect of the piece.


Originally Sullivan was given just three months to get the mural done, but since some things came up, he exceeded the timeline by four months. Finally, Sullivan wrote on his blog and said that he “threw in the towel” and promised to finish his piece on the wall in November 2011.