Mesmerizing 3D Street Art Illusions

When you look at these amazing 3D graffiti and street art by some world artists, your mind can be easily played and tricked because of their stunning optical illusion which at anytime can take you to fantasy land. Check them out.

Ceramic Sculptures to Look Like 3D Drawings

It is this artist by the name of Katharine Morling who creates these imaginative sculptures measuring life-size filled with a playful energy. Viewers mostly think that her sculptures are made of paper but in fact they are just ceramic. Look closely now.

Amazingly Realistic 3D Illustrations that Look Like Paper Art

Eiko Ojala is an Estonia-based illustrator as well as a graphic designer who already produced his piece for some publication companies including New York Observer, Ebony Magazine, New York Times, and Scientific America. He develops the art of paper cutting to create his clever digital drawings.

Gregor Lersch, Best Mastery in Contemporary Floral Design

Gregor Lersch was born in 1949 in Bad Neuenahr, Germany and is a renowned designer in the field of international floristry. Gregor Lersch has won many national and international awards and prizes in the field of floristry. Gregor believes that floristry must be suitable for forming part of our lives, and should be in line […]

“Best 3D Muralist Never Went to Art School”

His name Sergio Odeith, live at Lisbon Portugal, 20 years ago he just random boys at neighborhood, spent leisure time with his friends, just looking around, bombed wall at abandoned building or ghetto, enjoyed beers and several sprays paints in tin can just for fun to kill time. He left school at the age of […]

Awesome 3D Body Art Optical Illusion

My name is Lisha Simpson. As an artist of 3D illusion body art, I have always been fascinated with anything weird or usual. I love illusion style body art because it’s so out of the ordinary. I think I’m always drawn to it, by something surely strange and weird.

Lovely 3D Art Palm Illusions

My name is Luca Luce. I am from Italy. My work makes me what I am now, a tattoo artist, a celebrity make-up artist and also the first 3D hand painter in the world.