Beloved Pets as Cartoon-Inspired Tattoos

If you love your pets to be inked on your skin, this South Korean tattooist named Jiran is the one you are looking for. Like many animal tattoo artists, he often got commissioned to ink his clients with their beloved furry fellows. Check out what his tattoos are like. Quite amazing huh?

If Disney Animals Were Humans

Can you imagine that some Disney animals were a live as humans? There is this Pugletto, an artist in Wisconsin, who takes this a step further by re-drawing those characters as she thinks they might look as humans. Just check out what she did with those Disney animal imagery.

Japanese Create Incredible Animal Sculptures out of Newspaper Rolls

There is this Japanese artist named Chie Hitotsuyama who can transform used newspapers into completely stunning animal sculptures. If for most of us newspaper only serves reading passages, commercials and ads or job vacancies column, for Chie they mean a whole different purpose. Check out what she did to used newspaper. You like it everyone?

Dreamy Animal Tattoos from Storybook  

Are you looking for a tattoo parlor that can bring those marvelous watercolor-esque drawing of animals etched to your skin? If it’s true, there is a place in Warsaw, Poland called Caffeine Tattoo which now is a meeting point of a bunch of gifted tattoo artists who are all set to ink your body with […]

Surreal Animal Tattoos Like Sketchbook Drawings

Otto D’Ambra is a London-based illustrator and tattoo artist whose style is often regarded as an avant-garde mainly featuring hybrid animals mixed with drawings looking just like being taken from boardwalk Empire. Just have a quick look at his tatts to just find out how he could link his printing and tattooing.

Elegant Floral & Animal Tattoos Mimic Delicate Pencil Sketches

Lindsay Asselstine is a Toronto-based floral tattoo artist whose work of art are about the delicate, tiny, whimsical but very detailed that make many tattoo lovers want to have those miniature portraits of pets and animals and also those dainty pics of flowers and foliage to etch on their skins. Check out some of her creations.  

Lukas Holas’ Monochromatic Portraits of Animals

Lukas Holas is a Czech Republic-based photographer who can always capture stunning portraits of exotic animals. Among some of his work, the most outstanding is his Portraits of Animals II. The interesting thing about most of his piece is because the detail and the poise of each monochromatic image can look so impressive. Another to be worth […]

Sheets of Paper Into Impresive Origami Animals

Gonzalo Garcia Calvo is an origami extraordinaire who would meticulously craft expressive and imaginative paper creatures. Check out his creations. Through intricate folding, the Madrid-based artist brings the animal kingdom to life.