Magical Images with Photo Combinations

At first glance, much of his portfolio looks like it’s made up of straightforward photographs, but in fact, this Ukrainian artist Viktoria Solidarnyh just uses Photoshop to create great scenes that simultaneously appear remarkably realistic and straight from a storybook.

Metal Wire into Bonsai Trees

Do you really love the beauty of bonsai trees, but worry about caring for one? No fear, this wire artist Matthew Gollop has you covered. If you really fancy bonsai, this metal wire bonsai tree can surely win your heart. This kind of metal wire tree which Gollop created in his company, Metal Bonsai, is […]

Hotel in Bethlehem within Site of Separation Barrier

Perhaps when all those fancy, luxurious hotels you stayed in bored you enough, it’s time you try to stay at a hotel allowing you to see graffiti-strewn concrete from floor to ceiling. And for the exhibitionist among you, you can find within range of the army watchto.  

Food into Striking Sculptures

Food carving is really always awe inspiring. That’s really true especially when you pay attention to this Japanese food artist Gaku who always amazes everyone looking at how he plays to create his intricate food carvings.  

Beloved Pets as Cartoon-Inspired Tattoos

If you love your pets to be inked on your skin, this South Korean tattooist named Jiran is the one you are looking for. Like many animal tattoo artists, he often got commissioned to ink his clients with their beloved furry fellows. Check out what his tattoos are like. Quite amazing huh?

When Asking the Wrong Guy for Help

What people would normally do when they want to improve their look in pics, they would resort to Photoshop for photo correction or improvement. When you can do it yourself it will be just fine, but not when you ask this Photoshop wizard James Fridman. If you think asking him would really help you improve […]

Creepy Human-Skin Helmets

Can you imagine that human skins are actually natural helmets? There is this Jyo John Mullor who is a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience to design such helmet out of human skulls. This Dubai-based artist has created several concept images that illustrate what a shaved human head would look like if printed on […]

Mind-Bending Pics by Erik Johansson

Maybe it’s hard to find someone like this Photoshop master Erik Johannsson who creates optical illusions and photo manipulations. If you would like to see him working on his work, you can check out his videos.  In these awesome behind-the-scenes videos, however, we get to see how he actually creates some of his artwork.

Majestic Tribute to Cecil the Lion

Are you familiar with Cecil everyone? He is the famous lion from Zimbabwe who was recently killed by a dentist as a trophy. And it is this Aaron Blaise, a former Disney animator who has worked on classic characters from Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Mulan and other Disney classics. It’s Blaise who has created a […]