The Best Bird Tattoo Ideas Ever

Bored Panda has recently issued a list of the very best bird tattoo ideas we have out there. So, if you’re about to visit a tattoo parlor to get your skin inked, maybe the list can be of much use for your consideration which parlor you should decide to go to.

Bird Paintings for the Essence of Flight

Denis Gonchar is an Ukrainian-based painter behind these series of Flying Birds including hawks, owls and eagles which are set against the background of geometric solid-color. Actually what he is trying to show is that he could present his digital paintings about the essence of flight of such birds.

Stunningly Drawing-like 3D Wire Bird Sculptures

Celia Smith is an artist from the UK. What is so amusing about her creations is that her 3D bird sculptures look just like 2D drawings. It is so true because at first glance, those sculptures’ dynamic contours as well as their gestures resemble the appearance of a natural pen sketch rather than a 3D […]