The Simpsons’ Hilarious Oscar Selfie

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres has made history with her wellknown celebrity-filled selfie at the Oscar because it was retweeted for over 3.2 million times around the world, now Matt Groening also came up with his wider cam view version of the same selfie photo. Only that when the cam goes wider, we can see what happens to Homer. […]

Disturbing World Endings to Classic Disney Stories

Are you familiar with the ending word of Disney Stories? Yes, they always end every story with the auspicious word like “They live happily ever after”. What if their stories hadn’t been conveniently ended as “”happily ever after?”. Have you ever wondered why and what really happens to the famous Disney characters, if they are […]

No One Told You about This But It’s So Important

31 years of age, Alex Noriega is an artist from Barcelona whose life sounds like a dream. Once living in a rough place, Noriega now lives in Taiwan reading, travelling and drawing quite often to sharpen his art skills. Just check out below for some excellent life advice from Stuff No One Told Me by Alex […]

Witty Animal Comics by Liz Climo

Liz Climo is an animator and a web comic artist. She is famous for her attractive serial stories that present a cast of witty animal characters with a great sense of humor. She had just released a book of wonderful comics called Lobster Is the Best Medicine that showcases 75 never-before-seen cartoons.

When an Object Can Really Talk

According to Charly Clements, if an avocado could talk, it’d say “I feel so empty inside.” Clements now has come up with shrewd series of Real Life Lines. Here she imagined that if inanimate objects are given a chance to talk, they could come up with something unexpected. Now along with the series, she created some […]

When Iconic Street Art Being Parodied by Cartoons

Butcher Billy is a Brazilian street artist who came up with a new style of graffiti art featuring well-known cartoon characters like Rosie the Rob, Tweety Bird, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. He tried to make a parody of another artist’s work quite iconic in city wall murals.

Jongki aka Reza, Surrealist Watercolor Painter from Java-Indonesia

Watercolor techniques it’s clearly different than oil painting, waterbase color on paper need more patience, attention, and precise timing to shift one techniques to other different techniques. It’s so challenging use transparent colors, fragile but rought paper, smudges paint and controlling accidentally spread out colors on rigid paper. 

Her Lips Are Fantastic Art

Jazmina Daniel is from Sydney, Australia. She is a makeup artist who can make many people in her Instagram love her artwork which is in the form of hypnotic lips art.