Promising Illustrator Cibi Cia

Accuracy and measurement came from repetition, no doubt that’s mother of skill. Acing aka Cibi Cia one of amateur promising artist from Jakarta make illustration for release her passion and produce some craft.

If Disney Animals Were Humans

Can you imagine that some Disney animals were a live as humans? There is this Pugletto, an artist in Wisconsin, who takes this a step further by re-drawing those characters as she thinks they might look as humans. Just check out what she did with those Disney animal imagery.

Parenting Cartoons to Honor Motherhood

by: Betje By the end of this year, I have successfully conducted my motherhood for ten years. And throughout these ten years of my being a parent, I have been through a lot and I’m very proud of myself for being a loving mother.

Favorite Cartoons Into Monsters

Tell your kids to watch out. Now, monsters are everywhere.  Wherever they go they may come across with scary beings if our artist’s creations are spread widely. What is used to be loving and cuddly are now the most terrifying and fearsome creatures which are all set to tear your flesh and eat you up […]

Hilarious Comics Illustrating Daily Struggles as a Woman

If you like reading comic books, you know that it’s not always its drawing that makes a comic hilarious but it can be its plot of the story or its particular diction used by the characters there. Here we present, Deya Muniz’s work for you to get a bit entertained. Actually, Muniz is a Brazil-based […]

The Simpsons’ Hilarious Oscar Selfie

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres has made history with her wellknown celebrity-filled selfie at the Oscar because it was retweeted for over 3.2 million times around the world, now Matt Groening also came up with his wider cam view version of the same selfie photo. Only that when the cam goes wider, we can see what happens to Homer. […]

Disturbing World Endings to Classic Disney Stories

Are you familiar with the ending word of Disney Stories? Yes, they always end every story with the auspicious word like “They live happily ever after”. What if their stories hadn’t been conveniently ended as “”happily ever after?”. Have you ever wondered why and what really happens to the famous Disney characters, if they are […]

No One Told You about This But It’s So Important

31 years of age, Alex Noriega is an artist from Barcelona whose life sounds like a dream. Once living in a rough place, Noriega now lives in Taiwan reading, travelling and drawing quite often to sharpen his art skills. Just check out below for some excellent life advice from Stuff No One Told Me by Alex […]