Dragon of Estonian

The oldest chainsaw artist records go back to the 1950s, which include artists Ray Murphy and Ken Kaiser. In 1952 Ray Murphy used his father’s chainsaw to carve his name into a piece of wood. In 1961 Ken Kaiser created 50 carvings for the Trees of Mystery.

Food into Striking Sculptures

Food carving is really always awe inspiring. That’s really true especially when you pay attention to this Japanese food artist Gaku who always amazes everyone looking at how he plays to create his intricate food carvings.  

Ghostly Edgar Allan Poe is in Boston

You must be familiar with Stefanie Rocknak the Professional sculptor who is behind those amazing wooden sculptures of The Triathlete, The swimmer, The biker and The runner. For those who live in Boston, they must know how absolutely flawless her creation is since during last fall, they had put Rocknak’s awesome statue of the famous […]

Tiny Train

This tiny little train is just not only cute, but magnificence as well. The train, which just as the size of a tip of a pencil is not forgetting the details.