Edible Art Can be Too Good to Eat

Can you imagine you can just gobble up fresh fish or a frog that looks really much alive? Feel no worry they are real, all because they are just piece of art which is 100 percent edible. These edible works of food art was initiated by creativity in preparing our food like chopping, frying and baking.

Food into Striking Sculptures

Food carving is really always awe inspiring. That’s really true especially when you pay attention to this Japanese food artist Gaku who always amazes everyone looking at how he plays to create his intricate food carvings.  

Egg Love and Fancy Felted Wool Sculptures

Hanna Doyhan is a Ukraine-based creative felted artist who is behind these absolutely adorable food-look sculptures. As her previous creation of ‘Avocado Love’ became quite well known, now that she wants to keep her fashion to continue getting everyone’s attention, she comes up with Egg Love which is really catching our eyes.

Adorable Cupcakes Like Real Cactus

If you purchase this kind of cactus, there is no need for you to water it for good. It’s not a synthetic nor is it a plastic cactus. And if you need food, you can eat it, because it is not a real cactus but it is a cupcake which is made like cactus. It’s […]

Hyperrealistic Exteriors to Camouflage Food

Does the name Hikaru Cho ring a bell?  If the name doesn’t, maybe a sample of her work will. Yes, Cho is a Japanese hyperrealistic painter whose body painting’s job blows the minds of those who are watching. Actually she likes to play with perception in this series, entitled It’s Not What It Seems.