Striking Tattoos for Your Legs

If you belong to a type of person who doesn’t want to have lifelong commitment with your tattoos all because one day if you will want to erase what you already etched on your skin, you can do just that at anytime. It doesn’t mean that you don’t admire what you have artistically, but who […]

Nail Art Hand-Crafted and Recreated like Famous Paintings

Susi Kenna is a social media expert who became obsessed with intricate nail art. As a talented manicurist, Kenna seems to have big interest in making our fingernails  to become interestingly tiny canvases where she could create stunning visual works. Check out her what a fabulous art she could make out of those fingernails.  

Whimsical Clouds Made Suspended in Empty Rooms

Berndnaut Smilde is an Amsterdam-based artist whose haunting images depict the airy nimbuses hovering through deserted factories, Gothic cathedrals and dazzling Rococo rooms. With each individual cloud seems to magically float in empty rooms, the clouds surely evoke a sense of mysticism or supernatural presence.

Disney Princesses Can be of Different Ethnicities

What do you think if your favorite Disney princess is of another race or ethnicity? The Tumblr blog of Let There Be Doodles can answer your question with incredible series Racebent Disney. Actually it is the job of a 23-year-old artist named Tomato Tiger. He uses his illustration to mix with photo manipulation, to entirely recreate the iconic […]

Valentin Hirsch; The Best Symetrical Tattooist in Berlin

His name is Valentin Hirsch. He is a German tattoo artist based in Berlin. Looking at his collections seemingly to find a perfect balance between nature and geometry, he must be the best tattooist in Berlin. Check out his stunningly symmetrical skin work involving nature and geometry.

Big Dog is in My Life

Hi, my name is Woo-jae Jeong. Most of my paintings are using oil paints and put them on canvas. To actualize my feeling about the object that I’m going to paint, I usually use photographs just to make sure I don’t miss on anything. But the most important thing about my work is related with […]

I Capture The City Spirit Through Street Art

My name is Amos Chapple. I call myself a Kiwi Photographer because I’m from New Zealand and I do photography. Usually, people who are originally from New Zealand are called Kiwis. I have traveled through 67 countries, and now I only want to share with you what I brought from Kiev the Ukraine capital city. […]