Preserved Nature by Drawing Landscape

“I’m trying to turn scientists’ warnings and statistics into a more accessible medium,” she explains, “and hopefully it inspires people to make an impact in their own lives, no matter how big or small that may be– whether they turn the air conditioning down or make sure the water is not left running” said Zaria at […]

Exquisite Tattoos of Dreamlike Tales

Eva Krbdk is a famous tattoo artist from Turkey with all her small yet charming designs and exquisite scenes etched onto her clients. She made us realize that compelling body art can come in all sizes and shapes. So, instead of opting big and flashy tatts, she would use thin and intricate lines to bring […]

Murals of Alice in Wonderland and a 3D Rabbit Hole

Vera Bugatti is an Italian artist and street painter. She recently came to Ireland to take part in the Wicklow Arts Fest 2014. During the event on the weekend, she worked with painter friend Luigi Legno to create her mesmerizing work of 3D painting depicting some characters from Alice in Wonderland movie climbing out of […]

Landscape Painting Robert Wellings

Robert Wellings is a visual artist residing in Chester County, PA. Rob’s paintings and drawings are concerned with the suggestive qualities of the materials he works with, including oil, acrylic, charcoal, and ink. The process is one of exploration, trying to arrive at an image that evokes a feeling a mystery, a sense of place […]