Beautifully Painted National Gallery’s Staircases

If you happen to be in Warsaw, Poland, try visit Zacheta, its National Art Gallery which is often used for holding art exhibitions in the country. But that’s not it. You should know that the gallery has a bit unique in its appearance since its staircases are painted in rainbow of colors. Just check them […]

Fallen Leaves into World Art

​One day during autumn when this artist couple were walking at the park, as Nancy picked up a leaf scattering there and showed it to Beka, they suddenly knew best what they were about to do with the fallen leaf. They had to create interesting artwork from such leaf. And they really did that. A […]

Lithuanian Artist’s Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian painter whose work mostly about ethereal and magical fantasy world. This time he would like to show us some of his piece of oil paintings of fantasy ships. Actually his artworks are painted on canvases using a difficult multiple layered oil painting technique.

PiggieLuv’s Creepy Halloween Nails

When Halloween comes, not only ugly and scary costumes which we need to wear but our body parts are also good targets for make ups. This time maybe it’s our nails that need creepy paints covering. Just check out for some ideas you most want.

Giant Pen & Ink Drawing Done in 10 Hours each Day for 3.5 Years

It’s nothing ordinary if Japanese are so tough and the nation is thought to be as much stronger than its buildings. Only almost six years after the country was struck by Tōhoku earthquake and the tsunami in 2011, Japan can completely rebuild itself. And for that, Manabu Ikeda, a pen & ink artist,  just recently finished massive drawing called Rebirth […]

Magical “Tangled” Disney’s Scene in kid’s bedroom

Every night, my eight year old daughter Gianna always sleeps under a tree-canopied, floating lantern-lit sky. But she doesn’t have to really sleep outside the house, though. In order to have that feel, I created a mural of magical scene of Disney’s“tangled”for Gianna’s room so that it looks like that Gianna can really sleep under […]

Interconnected World Captured in Watercolor Paintings

Kelogsloops is a popular name for Hieu, a brilliant watercolor painter whose capacity in using a swirl of color and texture is beyond question. This Melbourne-based creative can fuse space, some motifs of water and weightlessness, which then combine these dramatic illustrations with the cheerful fluidity of watercolor tint. As those merge together into much […]

Audrey Kawasaki is Back with Stunning New Art

You maybe familiar with Audrey Kawasaki, a now 34-year-old Los Angeles-based painter who achieved her huge success at a very young age. So, most likely you have seen many of her master pieces, the delicate and twisting women that infuse her oeuvre which Kawasaki mostly painted with her hand. That’s why most of her work can […]

Ethereal Paintings of Women in Blooming Flowers

Stella Im Hultberg is an Oregon-based and self-taught artist who can create pensive portraits and surreal sculptures that explore the concept of identity so expressively. Actually Im Hultberg was born in Korea but for years she has made many audience in America dazzled with her imaginative work because she never stops experimenting with fresher ideas as […]

Whimsical Birds and Beasts’ Illustrations

Vorja Sánchez is a Barcelona-based illustrator’s oeuvre who is quite eclectic in creating all his piece, making each typical item completely inimitable and visually appealing. That can clearly be seen from the materials he used, from the style which he employed and also from those fauna he depicted.