Ordinary Paper into Astonishing Works of Art

Which of this art is your favorite everyone? Just check out for yourself how these animators, illustrators and paper artists turn modest sheet of paper into dramatic pieces of art. Actually, paper is one of the great artistic chameleons.

Folding Technique of Geometric Paper Sculptures

Matt Shlian  is a paper engineering artist who can produce these incredible forms from everyday materials found anywhere. He is the one who creates stunning geometric designs built with tessellations to make strategic and precise foldings.

Hari & Deepti’s Papercut for Light Boxes

Hari & Deepti are Denver, Colorado-based creative couple artists who presented stunning hand cut paper works as part of this year’s SCOPE NY art show by Black Book Gallery. Each of them brings to the table different skill sets.  

Life-Sized Origami Elephant

Sipho Mabona is a professional origami artist who has successfully created a huge, life-sized elephant only with one sheet of paper. He’s done it pretty well. Actually Mabona didn’t work alone. And it took 4 weeks for him and his team consisting over a dozen people to complete his humongous origami elephant.    

Ruffles of Paper Sculptures Floating Overhead

Peter Gentenaar is a Netherland-based sculptor who is actively developing his delicate organic sculptures which will move around overhead. He makes his sculptures from pieces of paper. He would then suspend those large scale paper pieces from the ceiling to make surreal abstract bursts of colorful clouds.  

Single Sheets of Paper Turned Into Stunning Cut Designs

Pippa Dyrlaga is the Yorkshire-based artist behind this exquisite paper art.  Looking at her piece, her cutting is beyond the other paper artists. She could transform simple sheets of paper into extraordinarily delicate and exceptionally elaborate works of art using nothing but a pencil and a scalpel. Check out her piece here.