Indoor Rainbow in Toledo Museum

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexican artist who is behind that mesmerizing installation of Plexus 35, the colorful string explosion which is composed of embroidery threads strung to create an indoor rainbow. This installation can be viewed in the Toledo Museum of Art until January 27, 2017. If you happen to in the vicinity, please make […]

Body Painting Blends Into Patriotic Landmarks

Trina Merry is a bodypaint artist who keeps continues to wow us with her amazing work , managing to perferctly camouflage her model. Just like in her series of Sweet Land of Liberty, she depicts her subjects right in front of the iconic landmarks. So it’s nothing surprising if then these historic architectural work can […]

Floating Cube Lights Stunning Shadows

If you just check out what Anila Quayyum Agha did with her wooden cubes which cast beautiful shadows of a light bulb, perhaps they would strike you much as they are really amazing. And maybe you can even be much more mesmerized if you see her latest radiant piece of All The Flowers Are for […]

Trash Into Stunning Animal Sculptures

There is this Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Arthur Bordalo) who creatively turns metal scraps into beautifully artistic animal sculptures. He deliberately scavenges those scraps because he wanted to show that creating such beautiful artwork doesn’t necessarily need to spend any money on expensive materials besides he wants to spread his message about endless waste […]

GWK Bali, One of Best Gigantic Sculpture in The World

I Nyoman Nuarta (born in Tabanan, Bali, November 14, 1951) was a sculptor Indonesia and one of the pioneers of the New Art Movement (1976). He is best known for his masterpiece like the Statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (Badung, Bali), Monument Jalesveva Jayamahe (Surabaya), as well as the Proclamation Monument Indonesia (Jakarta). Nyoman Nuarta […]

Fairytale Sculptures out of Old Books

For some people, they would discard their old books but as for Su Blackwell, she would make good use of them to create a 3D object of those fairytale book sculptures.  The interesting thing is she can turn the old books into a construction of the entire landscapes filed with mystery.

Mesmerizing Animal Jewelry

Hi, there. My name is Ellen Rococo. I am the sculptor behind these artistic animal jewelries. I really hope that my creations can draw you attention. In order to create those ornaments, I needed to gather some materials from various minerals and polymer clay.

Figurines out of Children’s Drawings

My name is Juan Angel Medina. I am from Lisbon. I am the Founder and CEO of Moyupi which produces new kind of dolls. Actually my occupations are an engineer, creator and web designer as well. In Moyupi I created many dolls with exclusive characters, since I really avoid the stereotypes of Disney, Pocoyo or […]

Super Cute and Creepy Dolls

Hi. My name is Oso Polar. I am a Moscow-based doll artist. Actually my real name is Anna Narapenko or Анна Назаренко if spelled in Russian.  I love making dolls and would like to share some of my recent work with you!