Mesmerizing Animal Jewelry

Hi, there. My name is Ellen Rococo. I am the sculptor behind these artistic animal jewelries. I really hope that my creations can draw you attention. In order to create those ornaments, I needed to gather some materials from various minerals and polymer clay.

Figurines out of Children’s Drawings

My name is Juan Angel Medina. I am from Lisbon. I am the Founder and CEO of Moyupi which produces new kind of dolls. Actually my occupations are an engineer, creator and web designer as well. In Moyupi I created many dolls with exclusive characters, since I really avoid the stereotypes of Disney, Pocoyo or […]

Super Cute and Creepy Dolls

Hi. My name is Oso Polar. I am a Moscow-based doll artist. Actually my real name is Anna Narapenko or Анна Назаренко if spelled in Russian.  I love making dolls and would like to share some of my recent work with you!

Famous Movie Directors and Their Iconic Characters

Mike Leavitt is an American visual artist who is a huge movie fan of as well. Recently, Mike created 16 wooden figures which he carved himself in order to honor his favorite movie directors. Only that those sculptures’ shapes seem to be a little peculiar since Mike apparently wanted to merge his famous movie makers with iconic characters […]

Beautiful Matchsticks Sculpture  

Pat Acton is the Iowa native artist of Matchstick Marvels who is involved in the making of a massive model of Minas Tirith, the fictional city within the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. In constructing such a mystical city, he needed 420,000 matchsticks.

Ben Foster’s Geometric Animal Sculptures

Ben Foster is a New Zealand-based sculptor who creates those modern, inorganic renderings of animals that brag about its geometric design. What makes his sculpture so admirable is because each sculpture in his portfolio can impressively blend the lines of the abstract into the real side, be it a dog howling at the moon, a […]

Giant Hedgehog on London’s Clapham Common

When you go jogging or walk your dog or just pass by the London’s Clapham Common with your children on February 16, you must have shocked by an “apparition” of a giant hedgehog roaming around the park. Actually the giant creature is a sculpture standing at 7-ft-tall and measuring 12-ft-long and 18-ft-wide which was created […]

Amazing Geometric Sand Castles

Calvin Seibert is a New York-based artist and sand castle genius who is behind these amazingly intricate geometric forms sculpted with sand. Actually he begins with an indefinite concept of building something different by following his imagination and let the sandy form naturally pop up.

Nature-Inspired Sculptures out of Crayons

Herb Williams is a Nashvile, Tennesee-based artist whose most of her sculptures made out of Crayola crayon. That kind of crayon is the same crayon we used to scribble with when we drew as children. Only that Williams’ use of crayons is too extravagant as he will need thousands for every sculpture. And he seems […]