Elegant Ceramic Vessels

Greg Payce’s is a Canadian ceramicist who created an alluring arrangement of sculptures called Alumina. It’s this wonderful scene where seven ornate vases stand queuing on a concrete platform. Maybe it would take an observant eye and you really have to read between the line in order to appreciate Payce’s mesmerizing art, especially when looking […]

Rolls of Newspaper into Realistic Animals

Chie Hitotsuyama is a Japanese artist behind those amazing paper sculptures. And to make it more amazing is that those sculptures are made out of newspaper. It’s so true that in Chie’s hand, the newspapers which normally serve as news media, they now have a whole different purpose.

Beautifully Colorful Pencil Sculpture

As a US-based designer, screen printer and illustrator, Molly Gambardella is really looking to push boundaries and create novel settings with her work. She would use many different kinds of techniques from just simple illustrations to gigantic sculpture just to express herself.

Motorcycle Made of Watch by Dan Tanenbaum

Dan Tanenbaum  is Toronto-based sculptor whose art is about technology. He has created miniature of motorcycle out of parts of vintage watches. So far, he has been sculpting since 2010 but since then his pieces have been decorating the Ultimate Motorcycling magazine and Motorcycle Mojo magazine.

His Ceramics Look Just Like Wood

As a sculptor and also an illusionist, Christopher David White can deceive your eyes into believing that his ceramics are wood. Just check them out and you will be astonished as to find out that they are not what they seem they are.

A New Zealander Creates Bird Sculptures to Honor Them

Rex Homan, a New Zealand-based sculptor has had a long career as a his work first gained traction in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then he’s been influenced by the “culture of the Pacific” and with a commitment to dramatic lines and diverse, yet equally stylized, forms, he displays this wide-ranging inspiration. He respects the […]