Fun and Cheers Spread Out of The Town

There are form and function spread us and melting to be a new form and value of meaning. So, some street artist makes some art work with found object material. Fun and cheers splashing at the town, when audience enjoying art work surrounding. 

Promising Illustrator Cibi Cia

Accuracy and measurement came from repetition, no doubt that’s mother of skill. Acing aka Cibi Cia one of amateur promising artist from Jakarta make illustration for release her passion and produce some craft.

Mesmerizing 3D Street Art Illusions

When you look at these amazing 3D graffiti and street art by some world artists, your mind can be easily played and tricked because of their stunning optical illusion which at anytime can take you to fantasy land. Check them out.

Before & After Street Art Transformations

Bored Panda recently just compiled some vibrant public art of spectacular street art pictures. The gallery below can make us imagine what our towns and cities should look like if only we use our imagination to really follow our artistic acts.

Surreal Paintings from Street Art

These duo street artists Sainer and Bezt came up with these beautiful creations of vibrant paintings. Actually both Polish street artists make up a group of Etam Cru who are pretty well-known for their stunning mural design. Now they are spending a good amount of time working inside their studio to produce other wonderful surreal paintings […]

Street Pillar Made Disappear With Transparent Graffiti

Milane Ramsi is a street muralist who is behind this mind-blowing piece of transparent graffiti which makes a cement pillar disappear. With the 3D letters of his name backwards, people can see a simple concrete pillar.  Ramsi is now working undercover on his next canvas, completing his piece in Carlsbad, Czech Republic in just under a […]

Immense Murals Inspired by Sellers

Faith47 is an internationally acclaimed street artist who is now living in Cape Town, South Africa. She is married to the famous Chinese street artist Dal. Faith47 is known to be among the most politically engaged artists who defend people’s rights.

The Unexpected Street Art Festival in Arkansas

In Fort Smith, Arkansas some international artists came up for the unexpected festival for the second year. There were nine artists painting murals, creating indoor installations and casting video projections already curated by Charlotte Dutoit from JUSTKIDS. Their objectives are to bring urban contemporary to northern Arkansas, and they need ten days for the preparations. […]

“Best 3D Muralist Never Went to Art School”

His name Sergio Odeith, live at Lisbon Portugal, 20 years ago he just random boys at neighborhood, spent leisure time with his friends, just looking around, bombed wall at abandoned building or ghetto, enjoyed beers and several sprays paints in tin can just for fun to kill time. He left school at the age of […]