Surreal Animal Tattoos Like Sketchbook Drawings

Otto D’Ambra is a London-based illustrator and tattoo artist whose style is often regarded as an avant-garde mainly featuring hybrid animals mixed with drawings looking just like being taken from boardwalk Empire. Just have a quick look at his tatts to just find out how he could link his printing and tattooing.

Elegant Floral & Animal Tattoos Mimic Delicate Pencil Sketches

Lindsay Asselstine is a Toronto-based floral tattoo artist whose work of art are about the delicate, tiny, whimsical but very detailed that make many tattoo lovers want to have those miniature portraits of pets and animals and also those dainty pics of flowers and foliage to etch on their skins. Check out some of her creations.  

Amazing Scar-Covering Tattoos’ Stories

When you are burdened with something that you can’t take it, what most people would do is that they just drop and forget it. Somehow it will disappear, problem’s solved. But when it comes to a scar in your body especially if it is located in a spot easily seen by other people, it is […]

The Beauty of Imperfection of Sketch Tattoos

Inez Janiak is a Polish tattoo artist whose work is quite distinctive as you might see her unfinished and imperfect lines but she calls them art form. As to make all her of her tattoos look bold and overtly sensitive, Inez applies black ink.

The Best Bird Tattoo Ideas Ever

Bored Panda has recently issued a list of the very best bird tattoo ideas we have out there. So, if you’re about to visit a tattoo parlor to get your skin inked, maybe the list can be of much use for your consideration which parlor you should decide to go to.

Unique Porcelain Figurines Covered in Colorful Tattoos

Jessica Harrison is a Scotland-based sculptor who is behind this beautiful and delicate porcelain female figurine. Called: The painted Ladies, these figurines have a bit of a modern twist to them. Actually each of these figurines is meticulously crafted and has soft pastes gowns. But instead of the traditional usual glossy skins, Harrison created the […]

Classy Tiny Tattoos Your Mom Will Love

People may have their own preference over the kind of tattoos they like. It could be because of the colors, the shapes or the size. About the size, normally small tattoo is the new big! Surprisingly classy tiny tattoos may make your mom like them.

Back Tattoos Can Shiver down Your Spine

Have you seen gorgeous designs of spine tattoos? Has it ever crossed your mind to really etch you back with this stunning design? Actually, spine tattoos are not only elegant but they are also unique in their looks. Check them out as they are designed by various tattooists.