Striking Tattoos for Your Legs

If you belong to a type of person who doesn’t want to have lifelong commitment with your tattoos all because one day if you will want to erase what you already etched on your skin, you can do just that at anytime. It doesn’t mean that you don’t admire what you have artistically, but who […]

Hongdam’s Beautiful Korean Tattoos

Even if in South Korea tattooing is against the law, and that not so long ago, people with tattoos were not allowed in public baths or swimming pools, now things are changing slowly. More and more young Koreans seem to accept tattoo culture quite well. Even if up to now, people with tattoos may still […]

Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

It’s not a true best friend if it doesn’t last forever. And best friend won’t last forever if there is no effort to maintain a good relation.  One of the efforts which can be done is by trying to make some kind like a bond that clearly shows that there is a close relation between the two […]

Best Cat Tattoos Ever

Bored Panda has made a list of the best cat tattoo ideas ever to honor fellow feline lovers. Actually a cat had been a symbol of grace and poise ever since ancient times. Even in ancient Egypt, cat was considered as their goddesses. That’s why we can see pictures of them in every Egyptian work of […]

B/W Tattoo Shows Color is Unnecessary

Even though in any art work, color is always considered a representation of the utmost beauty, simplicity, eloquence and even uniqueness will only be found in black and white. But when it comes to tattoo art, black and white means black and grey. If that’s the case, is color important?  

Tattoos That Have Practical Application

People do have reasons for tattooing their skins. Some try to honor their special person in their lives, some want to show milestones in their lives but there are also some people who just want to mark their bodies with arts. But a part of what we call arts, there are tattoos which are created not […]

A Tattoo Artist for the Hollywood Set

You may have to wait for as long as six months to get your skin inked by Dr. Woo. Brian Woo, that’s his real name. He is one of tattoo artists who is the most wanted by many living in the US especially in Los Angeles, now he has a very long wait list of […]

Wonderful Animated Tattoos by Russian Artist

Want to learn to draw psychedelic animal portraits which can be inked to your skin as permanent tattoos? For sure you can take a step-by-step tutorial on the Copic website. In the website this Russian artist named Lesha Lauz will lead you to learn how to draw wonderful colorful animals for your tattoos using the brand’s famous markers.