Lambok L Hutabarat talks about Remarkable Moment of War

One of outstanding illustrator for magazine in Indonesia is Lambok Hutabarat. Military visual term and every kind thing related to manly and tough life mostly like a natural drive for every boys. No doubt Lambok admits that he is often interested in all things military.

Soldier’s Sketchbooks Reveal a Visual Diary

Victor Lundy is then a 21-year old soldier who could record almost all breathtaking war-life he experienced as he was in the army during the World War II. He managed to document any important scenes in the form of documentary sketches. Check out some of his awesome sketches picturing what he witnessed during the war.

Guernica : Picasso’s Most Influential Painting

Guernica is a one of epic artwork from Picasso, Guernica is a town in the province of Biscay in Basque Country. During the Spanish Civil War, it was regarded as the northern bastion of the Republican resistance movement and the center of Basque culture, adding to its significance as a target     Guernica is a […]