DIY the Beauty of a Shimmering Ocean Shore

In a YouTube video, you will learn how an artist starts cutting walnut wood and turns it into one-inch wide and one inch-thick strips. The result of Brown’s DIY is stunning, and he makes it look so easy. Just try doing it yourself, no worry of making mistakes. Peter Brown will teach you how to […]

Furniture that Snaps Together in Minutes

If you dread putting together furniture, it’s time to rejoice. IKEA has created new snap together furniture! IKEA introduced a series of snap together furniture like that of a jigsaw puzzle for those who are not savvy in furniture construction.

Famous Movie Directors and Their Iconic Characters

Mike Leavitt is an American visual artist who is a huge movie fan of as well. Recently, Mike created 16 wooden figures which he carved himself in order to honor his favorite movie directors. Only that those sculptures’ shapes seem to be a little peculiar since Mike apparently wanted to merge his famous movie makers with iconic characters […]

Wooden Sculptures Express Vulnerability

Paul Kaptein is an Australian-based wooden sculptor who explores the notion of “now” as depicted in his wooden sculptures. Even though each piece is beautifully crafted, they still show something rather strange about it.

Ghostly Edgar Allan Poe is in Boston

You must be familiar with Stefanie Rocknak the Professional sculptor who is behind those amazing wooden sculptures of The Triathlete, The swimmer, The biker and The runner. For those who live in Boston, they must know how absolutely flawless her creation is since during last fall, they had put Rocknak’s awesome statue of the famous […]

Swimming Sculpture Carved From Piece of Wood

Are you familiar with ghostly Edgar Allan Poe sculpture in Boston? If you are, Stefanie Rocknak is the sculptor behind that whimsical Poe’s statue. Now, she comes up with another stunning sculpture slightly larger than life-size which she carved from just a single piece of wood to make it into The Swimmer.