Tattoos That Have Practical Application

People do have reasons for tattooing their skins. Some try to honor their special person in their lives, some want to show milestones in their lives but there are also some people who just want to mark their bodies with arts. But a part of what we call arts, there are tattoos which are created not only because of their artistic value but rather they are intended for their practical uses, like a tattoo of a ruler or an eyesight checker for ophthalmologist, a subway map, a measuring tool for a chef or even a life support contract. Weird huh?


Although these tattoos might not be particularly useful to people having them, those kinds of tattoos are still very much special to the owners. And whether or not these practical tattoos are popular to many people is still not very clear but at least they do exist in tattooing inventory list.

Usually these practical tattoos are useful only for those having particular professions. The amazing thing about this kind of tattoo is when someone is being exposed to certain kind of situation. Say, a person’s life is in peril where the person’s unknown medical conditions are needed, only then a tattoo mentioning his medical record can be very much use concerning with what a physician should do to this person.

Check out some tattoos below. They are kinds of tattoos showing different practical tattoos a person could have. Who knows, a practical tattoo can give you an idea for yourself.

#1. Eyesight Checking Table


This portable eyesight checking table is certainly not a practical tattoo for everyone but it would be much of good use for ophthalmologists when traveling a lot or live on the countryside.

#2. Ruler


For woodworker, designer, construction builder or even an architect will find this ruler pattern a great tattoo. Maybe when a ruler or measuring tape is suddenly nowhere to be found, this tattoo on hand will be very helpful.

#3. Life Support Contract


Guidelines like this would be helpful for the doctors and nurses taking care of this kind of patient. This tattoo will be put as life support in case of situations where a person might end up in a tragic accident.

#4. Measuring Tools


Having tattoo of measuring tools on hand will make cooking go by a lot easier and faster. No need to pick a spoon from somewhere when it’s already printed in your palm. This tattoo works great for a chef or baker since finding and using teaspoons, tablespoons, and measuring cups can be a pain for them.

#5. Subway Map


You don’t need to look for a map again because that is already on your belly. This kind of tattoo is perfect for the commuter who often uses the subway to go around but often forget where to get off.

Source: Life BuzzPractical Tattoos