“The City” after Mankind had Dissapeared




Lori Nix transposes Thomas Cole’s clairvoyant world of images into three dimensions, and it is uncanny how closely a motif like Great Hall from her series The City resembles Cole’s apocalyptic scenes. “And the road to the future is usually paved with disasters of all sorts,” is how Lori Nix puts it.  The underlying feeling of being threatened thus formulated reveals itself in the work of both artists in a very similar way: as decay and the deceptively idyllic state in which all human achievements are overgrown – a future world picturesquely adorned with the fragments and ruins of human civilization. Lori Nix often needs months of exacting handicraft to construct her dioramas out of countless pieces. Subsequently, each miniature set is photographed and then destroyed. The resulting photograph constitutes the work of art. (magdalena kroner-http://www.lorinix.net/essays-1/)