The Simpsons’ Hilarious Oscar Selfie

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres has made history with her wellknown celebrity-filled selfie at the Oscar because it was retweeted for over 3.2 million times around the world, now Matt Groening also came up with his wider cam view version of the same selfie photo. Only that when the cam goes wider, we can see what happens to Homer. Maybe that’s what made Ellen DeGeneres tweet like “If only Bradley’s arm was longer.” Then we could see the misery that Homer had to go through.  


What maybe makes such portrait so hilarious is that among those famous celebrity, Homer has the least of luck as to get a nice pose with those stars. Even Bradley Cooper seems to have pushed Homer Simpson’s head out of the way! Poor Homer!


But it seems that Homer can really accept the situation for whatever that is. The Simpsons tweeted this image with the line, “@TheEllenShow Oscar®. While Homer tweeted, “The ugly true story of that Oscar® selfie can finally be told! But if you just check out the original Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter and look for Bart. Can you spot him? At least he wasn’t completely invisible like Liza Minnelli!

Love seeing all of these celebrities getting The Simpsons’ treatment.

Source: My Modern Met, TheSimpsons, Ellen DeGeneres