Welded Flatware Animal Sculptures

Gary Hovey is an Ohio-based artist who you will find using spoons, knives, and forks differently than most of us. He would shape, cut and weld stainless steel stuffs and turn them into his intricate sculptures of animal.


At first glance, those wildlife creatures like bears, fish, and birds could take the shape of realistic forms. At a closer look, only then the texture and details of the materials can tell you that those creatures are not what you think they are.


Since they are made out of flatware, every single sculpture contributes unique qualities: knives make a shiny flat surface, spoons give rounded curves; and fork prongs produce layers of feathers and fur.


Actually, Hovey has a gloomy story about his health. Back in 1994, he was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson. Although the news was horrifying, he was strong-minded to keep living his life and creating something out of the box. That way he can forget his Parkinson thing