Wood Carving as Ancient Tradition

There are tons of methods to manipulate it, one being wood carving, which itself dates back to ancient Egypt.

Paul Kaptein

Wood Art Comes in Multiple Stunning Forms Paul Kaptein used jelutong (a Malaysian wood) to create his sculpture called and in the endless sounds there came a pause. As the monk-like figure sits in a meditative pose, his body is distorted with glitch effect that reverberates from his head to his feet.

Giuseppe Rumerio

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsThough wood can look as heavy as stone, artist Giuseppe Rumerio fashions the material into something much lighter. The handcrafted pieces showcase animals in their magnificent natural style.

Damiano Taurino

Damiano Taurino captures beauty of the human form through his figurative sculptures. This particular rendering realistically depicts every curve of the ballerina’s body, with her artistry and strength on full display.