Wood Carving as Ancient Tradition

Earl Martz

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsEarl Martz fuses the abstract shapes found in wood with creature-like forms. “It occurred to me that nature and animal could become one in sculpture,” he says, “the gentle twist of strong wood matching the subtle curves of a wild animal.” Sometimes, a piece of tree will sit for years before Martz decides what being will emerge from it.

Deng Daohang

Deng Daohang uses archaic tools to breath life into stumps of wood. A hatchet, carving knife, and ruler are all the 78-year-old artist needs to form smooth, realistic portraits among rough patches of tree bark. Together, they’re a compelling juxtaposition of hard and soft—showing that the two can thrive when brought together.

Aron Demetz

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsAron Demetz plays with beauty and distress in his work. The smooth, almost mannequin-like appearance of a figure is offset with the raw fraying that comes from wood shavings. Together, they symbolize how man and nature are often at odds with one another.

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsArtist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki might’ve carved this sculpture from a single block of Hinoki wood, but you can view this surreal figure in multiple ways. The face contains multiple, 360 degrees of expressions that symbolize the myriad of emotions that one person contains. Some are readily seen while others are buried deep below and never make their way to the surface… until now.