Wood Carving as Ancient Tradition

Seiji Kawasaki

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsIs this a real fish? It’s hard to tell with Seiji Kawasaki’s work. Starting with a block of wood, he whittles the piece into something that looks edible.

Gary “Wiz” Burns

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsArtisan Gary “Wiz” Burns goes meta with his carvings. This particular piece depicts an oak tree carved from a piece of Big Leaf Maple wood. To create it, Burns uses an approach called Pierced Relief, in which the entire thing is carved out of one hunk of wood with nothing added. He sells his handiwork on Etsy.

Giles Newman

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsThrough decorative wooden spoons, Giles Newman celebrates nature. Working with an axe, knife, and chisel, he carves beautiful blooms and exquisite beasts along each handle. Newman has treated them for food use but they’re best displayed as works of art. Like Gary Burns, his creations are available on Etsy.

Nino Orlandi

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsSelf-taught sculptor Nino Orlandi is best known for his collection of books carved from wood. Hands emerge from the pages, reaching out towards one another as they escape the confine of the spreads.