Wood Carving as Ancient Tradition

Randall Rosenthal

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsLike Seiji Kawasaki’s carvings, it’s hard to tell if Randall Rosenthal’s work is real. He too transforms a single block of wood into hyperrealistic sculpture depicting everyday objects. After the pieces are meticulously carved, Rosenthal paints them to further the illusion.

Xavier Puente Vilardell

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsXavier Puente Vilardell has produced an abstract shapes that makes wood look like a thin ribbon. As this piece gracefully curls, it looks so delicate that the wind would blow it away.

Dongyang Wood Carving

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsDongyang wood carving is a Chinese art that’s been around since the Tang Dynasty (beginning in the 7th century). The elegant, detailed creations—also called white woodcarving—feature multiple layers that form these mural-like compositions.

Zheng Chunhui

Wood Art Comes in Many Stunning FormsIt took Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui four years to carve this large wooden sculpture that measures 40 feet long. When he finished this impressive work—carved from a single tree—the Guinness World Records declared it the longest continuous wooden sculpture in the world.

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