Youth Romantic Paintings

Terry-Pauline Price is an Australian a painter whose work features a young feminine figure enjoying the great outdoors. Her romantic depictions of youth are meant to rekindle memories of the past. Price’s paintings can sufficiently demonstrate that she does an Impressionist work which can be clearly seen from her very gestural and energetic brush strokes. Her work try to showcase a girl playing with a friend, painting a picture, picking berries and jumping rope.


Many happy times the subjects seem to have are well illustrated in their vibrant and warm color palette. It seems that in most Price’s work, the nature plays a large role. It’s like the Magpie where the character is free to discover and nurture special relationship with the animals of the forest.


As in Greek mythology, bird is a symbol of power and freedom which are well represented in both as the landscape as well as something that inspires her. It serves as the re-incarnated Muses, the daughters of Zeus who represent beauty, grace, and the arts.


Price’s paintings seem to convey simpler times that remind us of our youth. Seeing such paintings only make us yearn for birds chirp and feel the warm sun on our face.