a Palette Knife to Sculpt Dynamic Paintings

Knife is not only used for cooking. One thing a knife can be of much use by artists other than food artists is that knife can be used in painting. There is this Salman Khoshroo who is very skilled in using his palette knife for his dynamic paintings.

Khoshroo who is originally a self-taught painter could obtain his degree in digital arts. And now that he got more work to do in a big city, he is currently based in Tehran.
Relating with his work, it seems that Khoshroo has tons of energy to enormously strike large-scale palette knife in every brush stroke that he does. All because he is so skillful that as he masterfully manoeuvres the tool to his painting, the paint seems to ooze off of his canvases and amass into dynamic figures full of tension and intensity.
Actually, his interest in omitting the human face is two-fold. For one, the works are expressions of identity and self-presentation in the age of Facebook. He once mentioned that during an interview with Yatzer.